Urgent Needs in Education: Grants for Schools and Universities

Investing in education and training means investing in people and their future, promoting economic growth, increasing productivity, encouraging social progress and contributing to the reduction of inequality. In recent years these fundamental sectors have regrettably been largely neglected in Italy’s economic policies. Consequently schools and universities struggle to keep abreast of the times and to provide quality education to youths, which will enable them to enter the competitive workforce.

In order to address this urgency, Fondazione Roma has of late established an innovative project whereby grants are issued to State primary, secondary and high schools in the Province of Rome, Latina and Frosinone to update or create new labs, purchase modern equipment and technologies, multimedia stations, interactive whiteboards together with other latest generation tools to be used during the daily educational activities.

Considering that technological equipment may quickly become obsolete, the Foundation’s commitment to schools has recently been extended through a new grant programme that aims to enable these institutes to continue to update their educational technology.

Universities are also benefitting from the Foundation’s grants issued for the purpose of raising the quality of education, countering deferral and withdrawal and contributing to the improvement of career prospects for new graduates. Five State universities (La Sapienza, Tor Vergata, Roma Tre, Foro Italico and Cassino) are presently in the complex process of modernising and developing equipment in the lecture halls, libraries and laboratories; expanding and consolidating their network infrastructure in order distribute and use digital contents in all working areas; increasing e-learning services and purchasing high technology tools that meet the students’ and educational current requirements, particularly concerning technical and scientific subjects. Over the years Fondazione Roma has placed more that 53 million euro at the disposal of schools and 12 million euro for universities to support the urgent needs in education.