Information issued according to the Italian Decree #196 dated 30th June 2003 concerning the ‘Personal data protection code’

a) Personal data processing is meant as the collection, recording, organization, conservation, consultation, processing, correction, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blockage, communication, spreading, cancellation and destruction, or the combination of two or more of said actions, of personal information;

b) any personal information supplied shall be used in conformity with the laws in force and, in particular, the principles of honesty, correctness and transparency and shall be entered into a database for the purpose of notifying users of any initiatives and despatching the relative informative matter;
c) personal details shall be volunteered and are by no means compulsory;

d) any denial to furnish the information upon request implies that the Foundations shall objectively be unable to comply with the provisions of law and register the user;

e) personal details are processed exclusively by the Foundation’s personnel in charge of said procedure or by external professionals in charge of the maintenance and management of the database;

f) any personal details furnished may be transmitted to third parties within the restrictions set by Law and in pursuance of the purposes provided for in b) herein;

g) data is processed manually or by means of automated instruments which save, manage and transmit said data in order to ensure safety and confidentiality;

h) data is officially processed by Fondazione Roma, with headquarters in Via Marco Minghetti 17, Rome -Italy and the person is charge of said procedure is Francesca Gabrielli;

i) the right to amend, update and cancel any personal information supplied as well as to object to the processing of said data may be exercised at any time in accordance with article 7 of the Legislative Decree issued on the 30th June 2003, as transcribed in full below.

Article 7 (Right to Access Personal Data and Other Rights)

1. An individual shall have the right to be informed, in intelligible form, of the presence of his/her personal data, even if said details have not been recorded.
2. An individual shall have the right to receive information regarding:
a) the source of the personal data;
b) the purposes and methods of processing;
c) the rationale applied should the processing be performed with the aid of electronic devices;
d) any personal details which may identify the official holder of data, the persons who process information and the representative designated according to Article 5(2);
e) the parties or categories of parties to whom or to which the personal information may be transmitted or whom/which may have knowledge of such whilst acting as an appointed representative within the Country or person in charge of the processing.
3. An individual shall have the right to:
a) update, amend or, if applicable, supplement the data;
b) cancel, render anonymous or block any illegally processed information, including data which is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was originally collected or subsequently processed;
c) confirmation that the operations and contents provided for in a) and b) herein have been notified to the parties to whom or to which the personal details have been transmitted or spread, unless the fulfillment of such duty proves impossible or involves an effort which is clearly out of proportion with the right to be protected.
4. An individual shall have the right to totally or partially object:
a) on legitimate grounds, to the processing of his/her personal data, even when pertinent to the purpose for which they were collected;
b) to the processing of his/her personal information for the purpose of dispatching advertisements, direct sales, market research or commercial announcements.

Citizens who wish to exercise the above mentioned rights may contact Fondazione Roma, via Marco Minghetti, 17, 00187 – Rome, Fax #: + 39 06 697645301.