Message from the Chairman


Invested with the honour of picking up the baton left by Professor Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele at the helm of Fondazione Roma, I feel the enormous responsibility of providing continuity to the impressive and peerless work he has done in over twenty years of chairmanship to reinstate the rank of leader of Fondazione Roma, which in the early nineteen-nineties had to resume and expand the philanthropic tradition of the savings bank Cassa di Risparmio di Roma and the Mount of Piety of Rome to make the local community feel the solidarity of this prestigious institution, called to subsidize public bodies which are more and more absent and deficient in ensuring a social security system… >>

Message from the Honorary President

The Efficiency of Solidarity.
Fondazione Roma Protagonist of the Civil Welfare Model.

Italy must now reconsider the concept and limits of the welfare system and focus on an urgent transition from the Welfare State to a Civil Welfare Model, whereby the State, individuals and non-profit organizations provide social services on equal terms, in order to propose a system that leaves scope for social interaction and enables citizens to be directly involved in the management of public goods>>


Activities performed by Fondazione Roma during Chairman Emanuele’s term of office


Cases of Excellence

In this area some of the Foundation’s main projects are illustrated and examined. Due to the strictness of the methods of implementation, originality and innovative nature, these projects may indeed be considered the ‘cases of excellence’ accomplished by the Foundation during the general development of its activities. READ MORE >>