Aid to the underpriviledged

Commitment to non-profit organisations and the Mediterranean Region.

Fondazione Terzo Pilastro – Italia e Mediterraneo, incorporates the value of solidarity and its function as a trait d’union between Mediterranean cultures and civil society. This Foundation operates in the social, health, education, cultural and artistic fields, supports scientific and welfare research in Central and mainly in Southern Italy and the Mediterranean Basin.

The Foundation is driven by two missions that aim to combine its traditional undertakings for development and attention to social needs at a local level with a global perspective of the urgent issues in the contemporary world, especially those involving countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, with respect to which it plans to become the driving force behind creative ideas and proposals.

The first mission intends to facilitate the work of non-profit organizations by rewarding projects that produce goods and services with a high social impact, whilst performing an ‘educational’ and subsidiary function to the ‘Third Pillar’, and aims to develop a modern ‘civil’ welfare model that meets the community’s needs.

The Foundation’s second mission is to attend to the countries overlooking the Mediterranean by launching projects that build bridges for dialogue and emphasise the wealth of diverse cultures and traditions for the purpose, as the Chairman underlines, of reviving the anthropological and historical principles of the Mediterranean civilisation and settling its disagreements with the neighbouring East through the language of beauty and culture, which is the most effective tool.

In conclusion, through the aforementioned missions this Foundation constitutes significant evidence of the ability to adapt its structure and operating procedures to the needs arising from the economic-financial crisis, which has left increasing numbers of people and social classes unprotected, and to address the serious consequences of the violent destabilizing events that affect a vast stretch of North African coast, generating migration flows that Italy is now unable to manage alone, doleful and dramatic incidents, a further decline of the quality of life and security and even the denial of human dignity.