11.11.11 “Could Italy exit the euro?”

The crisis that has affected the global economies and markets, leading to the current financial predicament, has brought the Eurosystem into the limelight. Several countries are wondering if they have actually benefitted from joining the currency. Which future scenarios are realistic? The conference constituted an occasion to assess if it is still conceivable and appropriate for Italy to stay in the European Monetary System considering the costs involved and effects on the industrial and financial structure of the country; consider a revision of the requirements for joining and even reverting to the sovereignty of an independent currency and to suggest the outlines of a strategic plan which takes future ‘conveniences’ into account.


Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele
Professor of Public Finance and Economic Policies
at the Università Europea, Rome
Chairman of Fondazione Roma

Rainer Stefano MASERA
Tenured professor of Economic Policies,
Università Guglielmo Marconi, Rome
Member of the Gruppo de Larosière

Professor of International Politics and Ecomomy
(University of Georgia, Athens, USA)

Antonio Maria RINALDI

Emeritus Professor of
Economic Policies