The Fondazione Roma, is the last stage of an ancient tradition and heir of the Mount of Piety, established in 1539 by Pope Paul III, the Cassa di Risparmio di Roma, a savings bank founded in 1836 by Pope Gregory XVI, which subsequently incorporated the Mount of Piety and the saving bank’s Foundation, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Roma, established in the early nineteen nineties according to a reform known as the “Amato” law.

Beside the traditional sectors in which it is involved: Health, Scientific Research, Aid to the Underprivileged, Art and Culture and Education, the Foundation has now introduced a Think Tank in order to examine the socio-political issues that affect citizens’ daily life. The Chairman of the Fondazione Roma, Professor Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele, affirms that, “This is actually a cultural Think Tank that aims to investigate the issues which precede the socio-political and economic events in Italy”. The series intends to gather the accurate and essential contributions of those authoritative representatives of the economy, politics and the academic spheres, both from Italy and abroad, who wish to share the cultural challenges of our times with the Fondazione Roma.

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